AlexAlex Allan, LMP and Certified SOMA Practitioner was born and raised in Sydney, Australia. Originally an Aerialist and Dancer, Alex has long been inspired by the human body’s potential for fluidity and grace.

After Graduating from a Bachelor of Communications (Theatre/Media), Alex moved to San Francisco where he was accepted into the Circus Center’s Professional Aerial Program. During his training, Alex quickly developed a passion for Aerial Dance and began a career of performance and teaching. In the last 5 years Alex has performed and taught Aerial Rope workshops in Europe, Asia, Australia and the U.S.

In the world of physical performance, Alex witnessed his peers constantly fighting with pain and injury. In his own search to overcome physical stress he found SOMA. This was the first body-oriented therapy that he experienced to heal long held injuries while optimizing his potential for moving through the air with strength and ease.

In his practice, Alex brings years of experience teaching movement and is passionate about working individually with each client to live a pain free life.

Self Statement

“I work with people who are looking to live a more pain free, stress free life. Being a physical performer and athlete myself, I love working with people who have a movement practice or are just committed to increasing their health and well-being. Using SOMA therapy, I work with the whole body to resolve imbalances and identify unhealthy movement patterns that might be preventing my clients from doing their practice or living their lives to their fullest potential. It is my intention for clients to leave my practice free of pain and equipped with the tools to prevent further injury and experience lasting change”.