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SOMA Session = $140 (90-120mins) works directly with the body’s connective tissue (Fascia) to relieve chronic pain, increase Range of Motion and improve postural alignment. Each session includes a structural assessment, hands-on treatment work and functional movement training.

Somassage® = $140 (120mins) a full-body session that addresses specific injuries while also balancing the the body to encourage it’s own healing abilities. Somassage® is highly effective in releasing tension and promoting relaxation but does not result in long-lasting change.

Somassage® = $90 (60mins) a shorter session to provide temporary relief or reduction of acute pain.

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Packages & Gift Certificates

Introductory Package Sessions 1-3 from the ‘SOMA Series’. These first 3 sessions begin to address chronic structural and functional imbalances in the body. A great way to test out ‘the series’ before committing to all 11 sessions.

Full Series An 11 session treatment plan in which different segments of the body are addressed in each session. Long held structural and functional imbalances are addressed and often resolved resulting in postural realignment and more efficient and easeful functioning. The series can often result in long lasting change.

Maintenance Package Available for clients that have completed ‘the series’.  This cost-effective package is designed to periodically remind the body of the alignment it found after ‘the series’ and solidify these new neuromuscular patterns.

Gift Certificate A customized SOMA session designed to relieve pain and tension, improve postural alignment and encourage efficient movement patterns. A perfect gift for any loved one.

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Fridays: 8am-6pm  |  Saturdays: 8am-6pm  |  Mondays: 1pm-8pm


Cancellation: Clients canceling within 24 hours of an appointment or not showing for an appointment may be charged in full for the scheduled session.

Insurance: Living Aligned is currently not billing insurance but is happy to provide a super bill with all necessary codes so that the client may bill their own insurance. PIP and L&I claims are accepted.